immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH

is a medium-sized company based in Walbeck, Germany. At this location we produce hoses, pipes and parts for plant construction made of rubber. We combine experience and knowledge from decades of rubber workmanship with modern manufacturing and quality control processes.

Our strength is developing solutions to our customers' problems when conveying corrosive and abrasive liquids, suspensions and solids. We plan and build pipe systems, deliver hoses and advise our customers on their optimal use. Application fields for our products are in the basic industry, mining, chemistry, electrical engineering, environmental technology and others.

Your contact for application of rubber hoses and pipes in the gravel industry is our subsidiary VG GmbH. The company's experienced and motivated employees ensure the quality and delivery reliability that our customers expect. The company is certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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Development of an automated hose construction machine

Project period: 11/2019 - 04/2022

The aim of the partial automation project is

  • to improve the quality of the products
  • to increase the work safety of employees and
  • to enable the use of new composite materials.
Rubber Pipes

Rubber Pipes GUR

The rubber pipe system GUR is the solid rubber system for the fixed piping of entire systems. With stiffened straight pipes as well as flexible bends, branches, reducers and expansion joints, all cable routing can be implemented and the main areas of wear and tear can be reduced.

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Rubber Hoses

Our hose products cover a wide range of applications, which are determined by the degree of flexibility, pressure and vacuum resistance as well as media resistance. Rubber hoses show their strengths where the conveyed goods require abrasion- or corrosion-resistant inner hose layers.

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