Rubber Pipes GUR - features and advantages

The GUR system is our solid rubber pipe system for casing entire pipeworks. It is applied in fields, where abrasive and/or corrosive material is conveyed, e.g. in mining, steel, sand and gravel, cement, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical and other industries.

The straight pipes GUR, GUR-S and GUR-V hold stiffening elements optionally made of metal or heavy-duty fiber composites. In contrast to hoses, they can simply be laid on a pipe route.

The various shaped parts such as bends GUR-BG, branches GUR-T and GUR-Y, reducers GUR-KR and compensators GUR-K are usually not equipped with stiffening elements and thus offer residual flexibility.

Rubber pipes advantageously replace other types of pipes, for example made of rubber-coated steel or plastic.

Cut through a straight rubber pipe
Cut through a straight rubber pipe

What are advantages of the GUR system ?

  1. Rubber pipes allow very high wear layer thickness that rubberized lines cannot achieve.
  2. In combination with our special rubber compounds, very long service lives can often be achieved.
  3. GUR is self-compensating and does not require any lyre arches or slide bearings. The entire GUR system can be mounted on the simplest of fixed bearings.
  4. Due to flexibility of molded parts, mounting tolerances or movements of adjacent lines can be compensated.
  5. Bends and reducers can be used, for example, to decouple pipelines from pump vibrations.
  6. Conveying in a rubber pipe generates less noise than a comparable steel pipe.
  7. Rubber has low thermal conductivity, so additional thermal insulation or trace heating can often be dispensed with.
  8. The pipe roughness of rubber pipes usually remains technically smooth during operation, so that lower flow losses can be expected.
  9. Compared to pipes made of steel or plastic, the rubber surface on the inner wall hardly allows any caking of the conveyed medium.
  10. Equipping rubber pipes with fiber composites instead of steel inlays, the weight will be further reduced compared to steel pipes.

With our rubber pipe system, therefore, economically advantageous solutions for difficult transport tasks can be implemented.

Ring line on a scrubber tower with nominal diameter reductions
Ring line on a scrubber tower with nominal diameter reductions
Rubber pipelines in ore processing
Rubber pipelines in ore processing