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Hose design

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Explanation of technical data

The technical data given for each hose design provides bench marks which on average apply to that particular hose design. The large range of nominal values, wall thickness, rubber quality as well as pressure and vacuum stability can mean that occasionally the properties listed in the tables can vary slightly. The official technical properties for each individual hose are those listed in the order confirmation from immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH.

The requirements for the operating pressure are standard high pressure. For practicality reasons these are given in [bar]. The conversion factor of the legal unit of pressure [MPa] is approx. 0.1. The requirements for vacuum stability are given in [bar abs.]. 100% vacuum is equal to 0 [bar abs.], 0% vacuum is 1 [bar abs.].

The bending radius of hoses depends on the hose design, the wall thickness and the pressure stability. For existing hose constructions the bending radius together with wall thickness and pressure stability increases. A hose with a thinner wall and lower pressure stability has a smaller bending radius than one of the same design with a thick core for high pressure. The requirements of the bending radius are always related to the operational state - this means when filled with the material to be transported under nominal pressure. We would like to point out that particularly with the size NS and high wall thicknesses or pressure stability the bending radius can only be achieved with a very high bending force.

The abbreviation b.a. means "by agreement with the customer".

Hose identification

To clearly differentiate between the hoses that we supply, we will use the description of ALLERIT for hoses with sockets and cut-off ends as an example. If a hose has at least one built on flange it is called AWEG. Following the name comes the model description and the type of flange. For example, an ALLERIT C MF is a model C hose with a socket. The name AWEG PV FL is a model PV hose with a built on model FL flange.

Additional hose designs

The hose designs described here fulfil the majority of customer requirements regarding hose properties. As well as this we also supply variations on the designs contained in this catalogue. Additionally we develop designs based on customer specifications with which we can implement technically unusual concepts. Due to our many years of experience we have lots of these hoses available. A complete list is unfortunately not available. Only hoses with flexibility both horizontally and vertically, with heat and cold insulation and with electronic abrasion monitoring amongst others are listed here.

We can also find solutions for all your transportation problems. Just ask!

Our flange hoses are compatible with the GUR rubber pipe system. This allows you to easily incorporate intersections and carry out changes to the nominal size in hose circuits. Further information can be found in our GUR catalogue.

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