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Expanding flange EF

expandierter Flansch

One particular problem area in the transportation of suspensions that cause wear to the hoses and pipes is the switch from metal to rubber circuits – for example the behaviour at the pump-pipe circuit interface. The wear expands the interior diameter of the pump connection flange which leads to the newly built in rubber parts of the same size being quickly destroyed in the flange area.

In order to solve to this problem the EF (expanding flange) was developed in which a wear reserve is available in the flange area - the flange expansion normally averages one to two nominal width jumps. The goods being transported erode the wear reserve away until a flow channel has been created which corresponds to the wear pattern on the pump side. The textile pressure carrier must not be affected during this process. The components with the EF flange achieve an operating life that is usually realised with our normal flanges on new pumps.

A divided auxiliary flange that is laid behind the pump flange, depicted in the technical diagram and designed according to the customers’ actual conditions is included in the delivery. Instead of the auxiliary flange, adapter plates can also be used. These are fitted with a rubber inlay and therefore also feature a wear reserve. These are all included in the delivery.

EF equipment is suitable for the components of the GUR system and is also suitable for hoses.