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Expansive hose DE


Hoses with an extensional design are adapted to suit the supply pressure in the hose. Rises in pressure lead to the expansion of the hose which results in the removal of deposits and adhesive residue. The hose expands by 2-4%. This is enough to have the desired residue removal effect. Simple extensional hoses shorten themselves according to the pressure increase. The change from L has the same size as from D. This must be taken into account during assembly by the movable mounting of the ends of the hose.

For low operation pressures hoses with double extension properties are available. These expand with rising pressure – D as well as L. This allows the ends to be tightly assembled although precautions must be made to ensure that there is enough space for the hose to move as it grows in length.

In order to lay extensional hoses we require exact information regarding the operational and surrounding conditions.

DE equipment only is available for hoses without spirals; it cannot be combined with GUR.