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Allerit TE is the universal pressure hose for different transportation tasks. The pressure carrier is made of highly robust textile cord. It can not be used as a suction or vacuum hose. It has no built in spiral and can therefore kink if bent under normal pressure. This behaviour is reversible under pressure.

A variety of special designs are available with the ALLERIT TE label, for example, extensional hoses, hoses for high pressure environments and hoses with reduced combustibility according to variable flammability ratings. A typical hose from this group is the railway brake hose which is available in certified and approved variations, in different sizes and models.

Other important special types are hoses with heat protection coatings for use as cooling water hoses in steel works, hoses with built in heated filaments, non-conductive designs for use as cable protection hoses and more.

ALLERIT TE can be combined with all flange types and is available with sockets and expansions.

The core is technically smooth.The surface of the hose is smoothly fabric-patterned.

Technical specifications