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The universal hose ALLERIT LSG is characterised by its calibrated external diameter which is compatible with all the usual clamping flange connections. It is available from stock either as a complete length or cut to length to suit the customer's requirements. Although the ALLERIT LSG hoses have a high pressure resistance, the limited size of their compressive strength of the connection between hose and clamping flange has to be observed by the customer when in use. ALLERIT LSG is generally available without flanges or sockets.

The hose is also available as AWEG SG with flange FL or FR built on to one side. This version of the hose makes assembly of circuits on the building site easier as a clamping flange only has to be mounted on to one side. A very similar construction has the ALLERIT NG, its wall thickness is selectable from a wide range.

The core is technically smooth. The surface is smoothly fabric textured and calibrated.

Technical specifications