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ALLERIT C is the classic robust suction pressure hose with a spiral.

It is used for the transportation of liquids and suspensions and is suitable for use under high pressure and up to a medium vacuum force. It is flexible and can be laid up to a medium bending radius. The pressure carrier is made of highly robust textile cord. ALLERIT C can be combined with all flange types and is available with sockets and expansions. A special example of the hose is available as AWEG A and flange connections are placed where very high longitudinal forces are absorbed by the hose.

ALLERIT RU is a lightweight suction and pressure hose for the transportation of liquids and suspensions. It can also be used as an air and gas transportation hose and is used in the engineering industry. The textile pressure carrier enables ALLERIT RU to be used up to medium pressure. It is available with a nominal value of 150. A typical feature of the ALLERIT RU is the flange connection as sockets, also available with extension. It can be combined with the flange types FL and FR.

The core is technically smooth. The surface is corrugated and fabric textured.

Technical specifications