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rubber pipes for brine conveyance

rubber pipes for acid conveyance

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Straight pipes for corrosive goods to be conveyed

GUR Series 2

The GUR Series 2 pipes are made of solid rubber and are well suited for conveying corrosive and aggressive materials. The rubber qualities of these pipes, in terms of design, have been especially adapted to this type of application. Our standard pipes include a wear surface1 with a thickness of up to 8 mm.

Series 2 rubber pipes are particularly suitable for conveying acids. These pipes prove to be highly useful when constructing pipings in chemical plants, seawater desalination, pickling plants, etc. GUR Series 2 comes with different qualities of rubber selectable according to the type of attack involved and serving as wear surface during contact with conveyed goods. Please refer to our table of resistance values for determining the rubber quality which best suits your needs.

GUR Series 2 rubber pipes are supplied ready for assembly and on-site installation. They are equipped with movable flanges on both pipe ends according to FL design.

The standard pressure rating is PN 10. Other pressure ratings and ANSI-flangers available upon request.

Technical Data

¹ Wall thickness depending on diameter and pressure. Normal values for series 2 are 8 mm.

² Higher pressure ratings upon request. Pipes with diameters up to 200 mm are vaccum-resistant, pipes with larger diameters upon request.

³ Intermediate lenghths are available. The length tolerances constitute 1% of the total length for pipes > 1m and 2% for pipes < 1m.

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