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rubber pipe for cinder conveyance

rubber pipe for gravel conveyance

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Straight pipes for abrasive goods to be conveyed

GUR Series 1 and 3

The series 1 and 3 GUR are constructions made from massive rubber having highly elastic and highly abrasion resistant wear layers with a thickness1 of up to 15 mm in series 1 and up to 12 mm in series 3. Both series show a high stiffness which is due to the specific built-in components. This makes them suitable for for both free mounting in rough territory and piping constructions in plants.

GUR 1 and 3 are optimized for conveying of abrasive suspensions and prove their worth in terms of excavating gravel and sand, cooling water circuits in steel works, conveying salt mud, slurries, granulates, and other highly-abrasive goods.

As regards dry conveyance of abrasive goods, the preferred choice are electrically conductive types of GUR. Specific constructions with air inlets are recommended for pneumatic conveying of scale-forming goods.

In addition, other rubber pipes are available which will be especially designed by immuG upon customer's request.

Movable flanges attached to both sides of the GUR rubber pipes provide easy assembly.

Technical Data

¹ Total wall thicknesses depend on nominal pressure and size. Guiding values are 25 mm for series 1, rsp. 17 mm for series 3.

² Higher pressure ratings are available on request. Standard pipes up to NW 200 (8") are vacuum resistant, larger diameters on request.

³ Intermediate lengths are available. Length tolerance is 1% for pipes more than 1 m long, below that it is 2%..

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